About The CYC-Net Press


A short history lesson...


Back in 1994, Pretext Publishing was established in Cape Town, South Africa by Brian Gannon (the founding editor of CYC-Net) and Martin Stabrey. Both were strongly connected with the field of Child and Youth Care. Brian had just left the post of National Director of the National Association of Child Care Workers [NACCW] and editor of that organisation's journal The Child Care Worker. Martin grew up in care in South Africa. In 1996, Brian and Thom Garfat established CYC-Net.


Pretext Publishing not only published many Child and Youth Care related books (amongst other titles), but had also branched out into internet web development. This is where the collaboration with CYC-Net first began.


CYC-Net had grown from what was essentially a daily hobby into a very busy web site. It already contained many hundreds of pages of information and received just as many daily visitors. It was clear that the "hobbyist" approach to its management was no longer going to cut it. CYC-Net needed to grow, and so in 2002, Brian and Martin discussed the idea of the Pretext running the CYC-Net web portal. It was a logical fit, and the relationship continues to this day.


Pretext and The CYC-Net Press


The resources on the CYC-Net web portal have been offered open source to everyone. It is voluntarily funded by individuals, associations, colleges, universities and agencies. (If you're interested in seeing who supports CYC-Net, go here.) But "voluntary" often goes hand-in-hand with unpredictability - and the reason behind Pretext (in collaboration with CYC-Net) establishing a publishing imprint called The CYC-Net Press.


The purpose of The CYC-Net Press


For those who have never had their work published, dealing with traditional publishers is often seen as a difficult, stressful and sometimes fruitless process. The CYC-Press aims to take the "stress" out of publishing. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible. We want to encourage writing, not discourage it. We want you to write!


And, The CYC-Net Press supports the ongoing work of CYC-Net - through the sale of books from this web site. And here's the important bit - 100% OF THE NETT PROFIT FROM SALES OF BOOKS FROM THIS SITE GO DIRECTLY TO CYC-NET to fund it's operations.


And that's our very short story...


All that's left is for you to get in touch with us. We're here to help. And remember that you will be helping CYC-Net along the way.


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