Moments with Youth

Author: Mark Krueger

ISBN: 978-1-928212-13-3 (e-book) / 978-1-928212-32-4 (Paperback)
Published: January 2015
Pages: 312

Mark Krueger was the most prolific writer in Child and Youth Care. For me, and many others, he was also the most profound. His stories – he called them “sketches” – are multi-layered narratives that beckon us into the underworld of practice and leave us to find our own way back. His insights – he called them “musings” – pose endless questions and leave us to create our own answers. It wasn’t his style to tell others, whether adults or kids, what to think, what to feel, or what to do. Rather, he challenged us to match his own insatiable curiosity, and, if we had something to say, he would listen, not as a judge, but as a learner. What a writer, what a teacher, what a youth worker!

This volume contains sketches and muses published in CYC-Online between February, 2002 and October, 2011. They are part of a rich legacy left by a brilliant and unique contributor to the literature of this profession. If you’re not familiar with his work there is so much more to be had. When Child and Youth care comes to understand Mark Krueger, it will have taken a major step in understanding itself.

Gerry Fewster, PhD - from his Foreword