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Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World

African Perspectives

Tuhinul Islam, PhD and Leon Fulcher, PhD - editors

ISBN 978-0-6399718-7-2 (Paperback)
Published: 2021
Pages: 315


The authors succeed in taking the reader on a fascinating journey through the history of the development of residential child and youth care work in African countries and its relevance in present times. Each chapter demonstrates how the development of residential care in these countries share many similar foundations and themes, and yet, are so completely different. The book interweaves factual information with artful storytelling so that the reader becomes powerless in it's grip and compelled to consume each chapter to complete the picture, much like the pieces of a puzzle. It is a must-read for everyone who works with children and young people.

Werner van der Westhuizen, Social Worker in Private Practice, Gqeberha, South Africa


This book is easy to read, and provides well-considered arguments and insights, research and reflections into child and youth care in developing countries around Africa. This text traverses countries from the north of Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa, deftly bringing to the fore initiatives from governments and civil society in focusing on child care and protection. An outstanding feature of this book is found with the insightful questions posed at the end of each chapter, questions that offer guided reflections for personal or small group discussions; invaluable for educators, training providers and students.

Varoshini Nadesan, PhD - Senior Lecturer: University of Johannesburg, South Africa and President: Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions


 The collection of Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World comes at a time of turbulence, opportunities and change where policy development continues to outpace child and youth care practice in many countries in Africa. In focus are the insights of practitioners, educators and researchers who witness the changing landscape of residential child and youth care practice in their countries. Once again, I was reminded of the power of Ubuntu in residential child and youth care practice in Africa – I am because we are – with the emphasis on relational care, belonging and deeprootedness in communities.

Coenraad de Beer, Head of Child Care & Safeguarding, SOS Children’s Villages International


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