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Student to Student Abuse in the Indian Residential School System

A Graphic Novel


Written by: Grant Charles, Ashley Quinn, Martina Escutin, Hailey bird-matheson, Hali McLennan, Jada Minha and Daniel Ji
Assisted by Christina Cook and Tetsuro Shigematsu.

Illustrated by Hali McLennan

Project Advisor: Mike DeGagné

Design Advisor: Jacqueline M. Massey

Published: May 2023

It is known that in oppressive residential environments that there is a strong likelihood abuse will occur not only by those with power but also by some of those who are forced to live in these places. That is one of the characteristics of oppressive milieus.

People turn against each other sometimes as a means of survival and oft times as an externalization of the pain they are experiencing. This happened in the Indian Residential School System. The perpetrators and victims of this violence then returned to their home communities in many cases continued the dynamics that originated in the schools. The origins of this lateral violence is not a topic that people have easily or willingly talked about although it was significant problem in the schools and the ramifications of it continue today. This graphic novel brings the issue of student-to-student abuse into the light in the hope of contributing to the healing occurring today.