Granny Always Said
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Granny Always Said

Traditional Parenting Tips for Today’s Parents

Grant Charles, Hali McLennan and Thom Garfat

ISBN 978-0-6399718-5-8 (Paperback)  /  978-0-6399718-6-5 (e-book)
Published: January 2020
Pages: 72

We don't need a pile of long-winded books to help us be good parents. All we need is some straight-forward support and some good old-fashioned advice. Granny Casey knew how to parent. It's easy to conjure up an image of the ideal grandmother. Quiet, soft spoken, grey haired, gentle. Plates of cookies, bowls of candies.

Well, Granny Casey wasn't anything like that. No hands-off parenting for her. She was an in your face type of parent so rarely seen today. No pampering or self-actualization for her kids. Her kids were raised to live in the world. They were raised to be respectful, responsible and realistic. Granny had clear expectations of her children.

The stories in this book contains advice Granny Casey either gave or would have given about parenting given half the chance.

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