Supervision in child and youth care practice
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Supervision in Child and Youth Care Practice

Grant Charles, James Freeman and Thom Garfat - editors

ISBN 978-1-928212-22-5 (ebook) / 978-1-928212-23-2 (paperback)
Published: December 2016
Pages: 126

Supervision in Child and Youth Care Practice urges readers to prioritize supervision as an essential element of the professional and personal development of child and youth care workers.  By applying the same interpersonally-focused framework that guides relational child and youth care, this text equips readers with strategies for making deliberate and meaningful use of both the structured and impromptu opportunities for supervision that occur within the “life space” of the residential care setting.  This includes using the supervisory relationship as a space to model, coach, learn, and explore the very relational characteristics that will guide meaningful and transformative relationships with children and youth.  This book is a must-read for all child and youth care workers and their supervisors and is a great reminder that by investing in our youth care workers we are investing in our youth.

– Kelsie Tatum, Psy.D., Residential Treatment Center Clinical Program Manager, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families


For those who are committed to learning and achieving the best for our kids and our adults, this book nails raising awareness of the complexities of being a supervisor and the importance of setting expectations. It captures the need to care for your supervisee whilst ensuring you are cared for yourself while at all times remaining curious through those experiences. I love how the chapters revisit the need for practitioners to experience a supervisor who is skilled and self-aware to contain them through the highs and lows we share with the kids, avoiding blame and defensiveness. A fabulous contribution to the CYC sector.

– Jill Neilson, Managing Director, A Life Explored (Care) Ltd


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