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Tiny Chunks of Wisdom

Observations on Relational Work with Children, Youth & Adults

John M. Digney and Maxwell Smart

ISBN 978-0-6399718-8-9  (Paperback)
Published: October 2020
Pages: 161

This book is written in an engaging, lilting style that is guaranteed to both engage and provoke reflection. It is a treasure house of practical wisdom, reflections on day-to-day interactions, and powerful, pertinent quotes that season the discussion. In every chapter there are reminders of the centrality of relationship and connection, the foundation of successful engagement with vulnerable children, youth and adults.

– Dr. Howard Bath, Clinical Psychologist, Allambi Care, Australia


I just finished reading the book and I love it! The chapter length is perfect and it covers a range of relevant and important aspects of child and youth care practice. The conversational, informal, and sometimes humorous tone is congruent with the field. I finished reading this book feeling eager to disseminate it to all of my staff. I think that says it all.

– Dr Heather Modlin, Canada


I love the writing style and the material is accessible to the reader. I like the way the chapters are laid out and the headings. I could see myself assigning this book to my youth care staff and using that as a guided reflection tool in supervisions. In that way it is extremely practical. Excellent content in each chapter and lots of practice wisdom.

– Okpara Rice, Tanager Place, USA


No matter who we work alongside in health and care services, whether it is families, children, youth or adults our starting point is always the same. This book helps us with the process of keeping the person at the centre of all we do, enabling people to feel valued, respected, and treated with compassion. When this process becomes a part of the fabric of our culture, people feel cared for and loved, no matter how challenging their circumstances and how difficult their lives are, we keep them safe, provide hope and inspire aspiration.

– Dr. Clive Acraman, Health & Care at Home Ltd, UK


John and Max have done a wonderful job at compiling writings on subject matters that are pertinent to the field of CYC, social care, etc. I particularly like the practice reflections. These provide concrete pieces for practitioners to consider and reflect upon in themselves and their own practice.

– Aurrora Demonte, Fleming College, Canada

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