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The CYC-Net Press (an imprint of Pretext Publishing) was founded in 2013.


The CYC-Net Press publishes original child and youth care writings, professional child and youth care journals, as well as re-badging existing out-of-copyright child and youth care publications.


The CYC-Net Press may also enter into agreements directly with authors of original material as well as existing copyright holders.


The CYC-Net Press may also enter into agreements with other publishers with a view to having their publications available for sale through The CYC-Net Press book store.


Benefits of publishing with The CYC-Net Press

  • The price of books offered through The CYC-Net Press book store will be lower than traditional outlets (and thus more widely accessible) due to The CYC-Net Press having lower costs of production.

  • The CYC-Net Press has the added leverage of over one million unique visitors annually to the CYC-Net web and social media hubs.

  • Royalty payments to authors of 20% of selling price per copy (after recovery of production costs).

  • All production, marketing and distribution is handled by The CYC-Net Press.

  • Profit from sales of books from The CYC-Net Press book store is used to facilitate the day-to-day operations of CYC-Net and support its mission of supplying training and professional development materials for care workers around the world entirely open access.

Submitting your Proposal


Your proposal will be the basis on which we judge the book's publication suitability. It therefore needs to provide the right information – for our use, and for use by the referees we use. The following will help you with your proposal. 

  • We would suggest a proposal no longer than three standard pages (not including sample chapters and curriculum vitae(s), if available). If you've completed a draft manuscript, please indicate this in your proposal. Please do not send us an unsolicited draft manuscript as your initial correspondence.

  • After an initial review, a commissioning editor will recommend whether you should submit a full manuscript. If possible, please send your proposal and any accompanying material by email to
    Your proposal should address four main areas:

  1. The aim(s) of the book including the rationale behind the book
    • What is your book about?
    • What are its main themes and objectives?
    • How is your book different or better than existing books on the subject matter?

  2. A detailed synopsis as well as chapter headings, indicating length and schedule
    • Please list chapter headings and provide a short paragraph explaining what each chapter covers. Chapter headings alone will not suffice for a meaningful review.
    • An estimate of the number of tables, diagrams and/or illustrations.
    • An estimate (in number of words) of book length – and whether that includes references and footnotes/endnotes?
    • A realistic timeframe (date) for when you will be able to deliver a completed script.

  3. Target market
    • Who is your book primarily aimed at? Students? Practitioners?
    • Is it a textbook, reference work or research monograph?
    • Would your book have worldwide appeal? If so, where?

  4. Competing titles
    Are you familiar with competition for your proposed book. What will make your book better than your competition?

How We Evaluate Your Proposal or Manuscript


General Evaluation
Your proposal will be considered by a suitable editor. The editor will ask some questions:

  • Is the book of sufficient overall quality?

  • Is the book a fit with our editorial policy and publishing strategy?

  • Is there a market for a book on this subject?

  • What is the need for the book internationally?

If the editor is satisfied with the above, the proposal moves on to the next evaluation stage.


Evaluation by independent referees
We ask respected specialists in the field to give us independent advice on the content, quality and potential market for a finished book based on your proposal (or manuscript). This will take eight weeks, but may take longer, depending on the ease with which The CYC-Net Press can find suitable reviewers.


If reviews are generally positive, we put together a publishing plan and strategy, which includes your proposal and editors/referees’ reports and requirements/suggestions. At this stage, your proposal is considered provisionally approved.


Only when the manuscript has fully met all the requirements of our referee(s) and editor(s), will it become finally approved.


Contract and publication
Once finally approved, we issue a draft contract – and when terms have been agreed, you sign and return the contract with an agreed date for the delivery of the final manuscript.


Once the text has been written and delivered, you will liaise with a representative of The CYC-Net Press over the copy-editing and production process. We will then publish, market and sell the book.
Submit all proposals, queries or concerns to:


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