Caring To Connect
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Caring To Connect

Nurturing Hopeful, Healing Relationships with Young People

James Freeman - editor

ISBN 978-1-7764028-2-3 (ebook) / 978-1-7764030-0-4 (paperback)
Published: June 2022
Pages: 118

Child and Youth Care | Youth Development | Education

Caring to connect is a decision about how to be and live in this world. It's about choosing to seek and kindle sparks of hope, making the world better one connection and one conversation at a time.

This book will remind you why the experience of childhood and adolescence is essential and how human connection is what we all need to live and thrive.

You'll be challenged to attune to the signals we send one another and guided in practical ways to support child rights, care and connect in trauma-responsive ways, and nurture healing and hope in our world. It's what we all so urgently need today.


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